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Welcome to the website of FC Hullegie: the first independent Fieldmarketing Consultant in the Netherlands. Hullegie FC stands for an experienced club of people which daily deals with (field marketing) consulting, pitch coaching, execution, activation, registration or checking your fieldmarketing campaign. FC HULLEGIE is THE PARTNER for international advertisers or agencies who don't know which fieldmarketing agency to choose or simply want a perfect -no worries- fieldmarketing campaign in the Netherlands.


FC Hullegie is led by founder Iwan Hullegie. Iwan Hullegie has worked for about 20 years with pleasure within media, advertising and field marketing agencies. He advised hundreds of brands in above and below the line communications. This experience and the passion he likes to share with marketeers and agency employees.


We see an increased interest in fieldmarketing in recent years, partly due to the increased need for retailers and brands to focus on fieldmarketing and shoppermarketing. Unfortunately real specialist knowledge and experience is often lacking.


FC Hullegie Field Marketing will advise you how to integrate fieldmarketing into the total mediamix, what the common interests of brand and account management is, what (fieldmarketing) agency best fits for your brand(s) and goals.


Once chosen for a shoppermarketing, merchandising or fieldmarketing agency it comes down to good execution. A moderate executed campaign can cost your brand a multiple of the quote from your fieldmarketing agency! And it makes sense to deploy mystery shoppers and more shoppermarketing research, but which agency should I appoint in the Netherlands?


FC Hullegie helps you not only with beautiful powerpoints and the choice of an agency. FC Hullegie helps you implement and preferably even anchor knowledge within your local organization! .


Call or email without obligation. An appointment with FC Hullegie works money saving, stress reducing and enjoyment increasing!

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